Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 8, L&A Week 2, and 31 days

Sorry this is late... busy week!

SW: 164.4
BF% 35.6
M% 34.3

Can't believe week 8 has come and gone already.  Only 4 more weeks of  my 5k walking plan, and only a few more days more than that of my Beachbody Challenge.  I am not breezing through my weight loss like I was hoping, but I am building muscle like crazy and lowering my body fat like crazy, so I am happy.  My goals are becoming more realistic each week, and I am looking amazing (at least I feel like I look amazing, whether or not I actually do is another matter).

I have gotten some new tools to help me with my weight loss and fitness journey and will be sharing those in the weeks to come (more on that later.

This week started out great.  I set some new personal goals... completing my first 5k on Monday with a time of 61:39, only to destroy that time on tuesday with a time of 58:38 for a 5k.  That meant I met one of my goals, which was to walk a 5k under 60 minutes.  My new goal is trying to walk a 5k under 50 minutes and I am oh so close (but you will have to wait for week 9's update to see just how close!).  By the end of my 12 week walking plan I want to have a walking 5k time of 45 minutes, but will be extremely proud if I make it to 48 minutes).  I am getting anxious to move on to my 10k walking plan, but will complete my 12 week 5k walking plan first... Just to have the satisfaction of a great time and of completing a program I set out to complete.

My workouts are doing well.  I plan to move to phase 3-4 of the power 90 program at the beginning of week 10 (giving myself 2 extra weeks at Phase 1-2 than the program suggests).  With the circuit program I can do 15 reps with the higher resistance on all moves but 2 and I am still doing modified dips on some days (tired by the end of the workout after doing pushups.) I can also only do about 10 reps of pushups.. but I am doing normal pushups not modified so I am ok with this number.  My arms feel like jelly after. :-) The Cardio/Ab program is going well too.  I still do the low impact version of the jumping jacks and run lunches (the girls hurt if I do these like they do in the video).  Still look like a mess during the power yoga portion, but I can do most of the moves (my pushups need work).  Starting to feel some abs (especially when prince has to kneed them at night- ouch). 

Still having some trouble continuing my program all week.  The schedule adjustments have helped, but Chad was home this weekend, and I can't seem to get anything done when he is home (sorry hunny!).  I didn't do my workouts friday (walked but not workout), saturday or sunday.  Although Saturday I was on my feet for over 10 hours (pushing a stroller at the zoo for most of it) so I still got some activity in.  We also ate out thursday, friday, and saturday, which didn't help my weight loss... However I did lose :-)

My bodybugg arrived yesterday which I am super excited about.  There will be a post on it sometime during my 31 days challenge.

What's a 31 day challenge?  I am joining a blogging challenge for the next 31 days.  I know, another challenge- that makes 4 I am doing right now.  Yikes.  However, the Living and Active challenge fits in with the Beachbody Challenge so that doesn't pose too much extra time.  Anyways, for all 31 days of October I will be posting about a certain topic.  The topic I chose will be 31 days of fitness.  I will be posting something fitness related every day during October.  It could be anything- from my favorite gadgets and equipment to help with meeting your fitness goals, to before/after workout drinks, to fitness inspiration blogs I enjoy... to my weekly updates.  I picked fitness because I was already focusing on fitness right now and am hoping this will help me be able to complete...

So in case you were confused on my challenges, here are the four I have going on right now:
Beachbody Challenge- my workout challenge- follow a workout plan and keep track of my weight loss and measurement changes.
Living and Active Challenge- exercise 25 minutes 4 times a week and memorize a memory verse every week.
Colossians Study- not really a challenge, but I am doing a bible study on colossians this month with
31 days of fitness- blogging challenge- blog every day for 31 days.

I hope you will keep checking in and seeing the updates on my challenges and join me in October for 31 days of fitness - maybe you will find something to help you with your own fitness goals.  I am also working on my binders so I can share my binder series with you, but with everything going on its taking longer than I had hoped to have the series ready.. And before the end of the year I will have at least 3 projects to share with you- my Thanks Board I never finished last year, and 2 homemade Christmas gifts I am doing this year (baby food jar snowmen and homemade vanilla).

EW: 161 (down 3.4 pounds!)
BF% 34.3 (down 1.3%)
M% 34 (down .3- though my water has been higher lately so that is messing with all my numbers).

 (I am not good at making buttons yet, sorry it's so boring lol)

Friday, September 21, 2012

My favorite Printables

I am currently working on my home binders (will do a series when done).  I started with just 1- the Home Management Binder.  However, it was just too big to really use every day.  So I changed it up.  Here are the binders I am currently working on:

Finance Binder-  all things finances... budgets, bill paying schedule, debt reduction paperwork etc.
Blog Binder- everything for my 2 blogs- series ideas, posting schedules, etc.
Business Binder- everything for the Elite Estate Business- schedules, item sales, etc.
Holiday/Season Binder- Monthly themes, traditions, recipes, decoration ideas for each season/holiday, etc,
Home Binder- emergency preparedness stuff, anything that doesn't fit in the other binders
Daily Binder- planner, schedules, fitness stuff, etc.
Menu Binder- Menus, Grocery List, that month's recipes, freezer inventory, pantry inventory, etc.
Recipe Binder(s)ecipes, etc.  this will be more than one depending on how big they get... I know there will be one for crock pot meals, and then 1 or 2 for the other categories.
Printables Binder- A place to keep all those printables I have and stuff from pinterest- so I have it there when I need it.

I know it seems like a lot, and it probably is, but it will be nice to have everything organized and right where I need it.  I moved the cat bed that is on the dresser in my office area- the cats didn't use it much, and plan to put the binders there.  I already have the manual binder and coupon/shopping binder there, so they will all be in one place.

With that in mind... Here are some of my favorite places to get printables that I will be using in my binders.


Tiffany's blog and shop are excellent!  She always has great organization ideas.  And her printables are awesome.  She has everything you need for a great home management system!


Becky's blog and shop are a recent find for me, but I love them.  She has lots of great ideas and her printables are amazing as well. 


Colette always has some great printables on her blog.  She has an etsy shop to, I believe, but I haven't made it over there yet.  A lot of these printables make it up on our door for a little inspiration before we head out for the day.


This site is great, it has everything- recipes, printables, tips, and so much more.  Awhile back I bought all the printables and each month I get an email link for all the new ones they released that month, I am always finding good ones to use from here.


Lots of free labels and things on this site. They just released this awesome calender that I am going to use in our calender frames for 2013 I think.  I am always finding things to use for my craft projects as well.

I have alot of other blogs and sites I keep an eye on for printables, but these are probably the top sites. 

What about you?  Do you have a favorite blog, website or shop you get printables from?  If so, I would love to hear about it.  Share it in a comment!

Be on the lookout for my Binder series coming soon!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Coming Soon

My File System Redo post and my post about what to keep and what to destroy have remained my top two posts, between them ranking in more than 1/3 of all my posts... so I have decided to turn it into a series.  Today I started writing down ideas and will start to expand more either today or tomorrow.  Be looking for more details coming soon!

Week 7- Living & Active Week 2

SW: 163
SBF%: 35.3
SM%: 34.6

I think I have a curse... or the devil is working really hard to make me fail ( take your pick).  Both times I have started a challenge, I ended up sick the first week... Seriously.  I started the Beachbody challenge, and was sick the first week, and now I started the Living and Active challenge... and yep, was sick this week.  Boo!

My week started out great... Monday I did my long walk (60 minutes) and went 3.141 miles :-)  Then came home and did My Power 90 Circuit routine.  Do well with the heavier resistance band, can almost do 15 reps on everything (I think there are just 3 I can't) and I am doing better and better at the push ups. Thinking I might move to phase 3-4 during week 10, but we will see.  Tuesday I did my other long walk- 2.5 miles, I tried to push myself on my speed and did pretty well.  I was supposed to come home and do Cardio/Abs, but the walk is enough cardio, so I made it a power 90 rest day.

Wednesday morning I woke up miserable.  I felt completely fine Tuesday night, but Wednesday morning I woke up stuffy, sore throat, and had a fever.  I think the fever got to 101.8 at the highest over the next few days.  For some crazy reason I did my 25 min walk and my Cadio/Ab routine- though neither was pretty!  Thursday I got worse, I didn't get out of bed much.

I was supposed to help my boss set up for an estate sale, and I went.. but lasted about 30 minutes, I was miserable.  Could barely stand.... Overnight I got even worse (and I didn't think that was possible).  Friday early morning like 3 am I couldn't keep anything down... Between 3-6 I emptied out everything I had in me, to the point of stomach acid was what I was expelling.  Yuck.... So the husband and MIL made me some broth, found me a bucket, surrounded me with anything I could need that day and both left for work... I slept for like 5 hours.... Woke up and felt so much better it was so weird.  Still was congested and stuffy but felt better.  Gradually increased my food/drink intake from broth, and crackers in the morning to Chinese soup and crab rangoon that night. 

Saturday I was still congested and had a killer headache but spent the day cleaning up the house.  Sunday I even went to my nephew's birthday party and got errands done.  I also managed to get a 25 minute walk in so I could meet my Living and Active Challenge.  It was so weird.  It came on so suddenly and left just as quickly.  I am still congested a bit and I have a headache from the congestion, but I am doing so much better.

Unfortunately with the losing everything in my system and then the salty Chinese and Pizza Hut eaten at my nephews party, plus with my fluid levels still being off, I didn't lose anything this week, and actually gained a little.  But I am not going to let it bother me.  I have been wanting a bodybugg to help me figure out my calories and it will be ordered this week.  Early Christmas present :-)  So that will help me know what I am really burning, so I know what I need to really consume.  Hoping this will get me losing again.

EW: 164
BF%: 35.6
M%: 34.3

Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 6: Living & Active

SW: 164.6
BF%: 36
M%: 34.9

Because of being away at the wedding I did no tracking on Monday (we didn't get home till late)

Tuesday my week started... I did great Tuesday- Friday... Then as seems to be the case, the weekends everything fell apart.  I had an estate sale and because of how small it was, I was the only one there for the second half of Saturday and the 5 hours we were open Sunday... Which was fine, it was my choice, but I was extremely tired... Saturday I convinced everyone we go out for dinner Saturday-so we went to Cici's since we had a coupon.  And Sunday I had McDonalds for lunch.  

I didn't lose much, if any, this week... but I think I might of found out the issue why I am not losing much at a time... even when I follow the food guidelines and working out... I think my calorie intake is too low.... I have only been eating about 1200 calories... but with my workouts and walk... I burn about 600 a day...that only leaves 600 for body functions....I have increased my calorie intake to 1500, so hoping that helps...

Also since my calorie loss is only approximate (I don't have a way to track it but through apps or internet)... so I have requested a BodyBugg for Christmas... would love it earlier, but no funds...a few weeks ago Groupon had one heavily discounted, I will keep watching and if it because available again on Groupon I will push to get an early Christmas present, to save money ;-)  I think having this device will help me see more accurately how many calories I am burning, so I know how much I need to consume.  In the meantime I will do the best I can with what I got :) If nothing else I am still building muscles, which is helping to lose body fat....  If you didn't read about my 45 days of changes, read it here.

This week there will be other changes besides the calories... I am rearranging my walks so my longer walks are during the week, leaving shorter walks or off days on the weekends.  Also I am going to push to get 5/6 Power 90 workouts in M-F so I only have to worry about one on the weekend (probably on the off day of the walk).  Also on the menu, Saturday- Monday will be pre prepared meals, so I don't have to try and cook.  Also, laundry, cleaning, and financials that I normally do on Sunday... are going to moved to a week day.  I am hoping by making these changes my weekends will be more successful then they are now.  Especially on weekends I have estate sales, I am just too tired to get anything else done, and it has been super frustrating having a great week only to have it be destroyed come Saturday and Sunday.  I will let you know how these changes effect my progress and if I add any others.

Tomorrow I start a challenge with Peak313 Fitness.  So besides the current workout plan I have going on- 5 walks a day, and 6 Power 90 workouts (3 Circuit and 3 Cardio/Abs), I will be memorizing a scripture verse each week along with my normal bible reading/studying.  I am still needing an accountability person for the spiritual part, though I am sure Chad will help me stay on track. I do have accountability partners for the fitness part, with my Challenge Group, so they will help too.. They are a great group.

EW: 163

Friday, September 07, 2012

45 days of change

So here is a mid week post for you.... I took my original measurements on July 25, I took new measurements today, about 45 days later.  It is day 40 of the challenge, and day 33 of me working out....

Weight -5.8 pounds.
Upper chest +.75,
Bust no change,
midriff -3,
Upper arm Right +.5,
Upper arm left +.75,
upper hip -.25,
lower hip-2.5,
upper thigh R -2.5,
upper thigh left -1.75,
mid thigh right -1.25,
mid thigh left -1,
calf right +.5,
calf left +.25

Could be a little less than accurate since I had two people take the measurements then and today, but it is pretty accurate with what I feel I have lost and gained in certain area...

I am noticing the most changes in my arms and legs and I am glad the numbers are showing that.  Hoping I see some changes in the chest, bust and midriff during the next phase.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Living & Active

I will be participating in the Living & Active Challenge over the next few weeks, so you will see some information about that.  I already have the physical side down, so I am most inerested in the spiritual side- there will be devotions and weekly verses to memorize.  You can read more about it here...

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Wedding Weekend Scavenger Hunt

My brother got married over labor day weekend.  Some of the close family spent the whole weekend together at a Bed and Breakfast.  The wedding was there on Sunday.  Before the wedding, the couple asked me to create a scavenger hunt for the family to do on Saturday afternoon.

I did a separate one for the adults and the kids.  Both had 3 rounds. For each item they had to use a camera or their phone to take a picture..The 1 round was a Nature Hunt, it was simply items you can find outside (flower, bug, stick, etc.)  The  area has some trails so that is what will be used for the scavenger Hunt.  The Second round was a riddle hunt... first they had to solve the riddle (I am a rainbow in a box), then find the item.  The 3rd round was a wedding hunt... it was shots they were supposed to look for and take (someone running, a very old person, etc.)  There was also a bonus round.  For the kids they got 5 points if they brought back water from the lake without using a glass, cup, or bowl (shell, plate, shoe, spoon).  The adults had the same items as the childrens, and then alot extra.  The child and adult with the most points, wins a prize.

They are supposed to keep their pictures and then upload them to the wedding website when they get home.

*I am writing this friday before I leave... and right now there is rain in the forecast all weekend :-(.  Not sure if we will be able to do the scavenger hunt, we might just do parts of it inside one of the lodges, we shall see.  I will let you know what happens.*

*After wedding update*  Well it wasn't raining, but it was muddy.  We did the kids on the lawn on one side of the house, and the adults in a big area on the other side of the house.  We only had 3 kids that participated- only 5 in that age group.  And 2 couldn't read well, so we did it as a group and all got a prize.  The adults ended up doing three teams of three...I think they had a lot of fun. They were literally pushing each other over at times to get to things.  I hope they post their pictures, because some of them were really funny.

If you want your own copy of the wedding weekend scavenger hunt.... click here.

Week 5

Start WEight 163.6
BF% 35.4
M%: 34.2

Well I did ok last week.  I only got 4 workouts in... was having back pains that were making it impossible to breathe, let alone exercise.  Finally got it feeling better friday... only to leave on Saturday for my brother's wedding.  We didn't get back till late monday. I did get 6 walks in ( went for an extra one early sunday before anyone else was awake).   

Did a 2 day fast on Monday and Tuesday, did really well, and lost 3.6... Wednesday morning I was at 160- the weight I was at on my wedding day :-)

However the fast caused my body to revolt and it held on to every ounce of water and food I ate the next few days... Saturday I was back up to 161.8  and after the weekend- which was filled with lots of food and alcohol and no tracking of food or weight... I am actually up one more pound than I started....

My water % is super low, I didn't drink enough water, which means my body will probably retain water for a few days... Oh well. 

End Weight: 164.6
BF% 36
M% 34.9 (at least something made improvements)

52 Dates Wedding Present

My brother is getting married this weekend, and Chad and I wanted to get them a gift.  However, money has been tight, so I decided to make something.  After much thinking and researching I came up with this idea to create 52 dates for them- one for each week in their first year of marriage.  Most dates costs little to nothing and where I could, we provided everything needed for the date.  Some involve the kids (she has 2 from a previous marriage) and some are just for the two of them.  Each date is in its own envelope- different sized envelopes depending on what the date needed.  Most of the supplies I already had, so I spent very little on creating the items.  It may cost you more, depending on your supplies.  Be creative- you don't have to do everything the way I did, use what you got to make it cost less.

Supplies needed:
Envelopes, stickers, ribbon, scissors, markers/pens, glue, and misc items to decorate (use what you have!)
A box or container to store everything in- I am using a spare rubbermaid container I had here, I will decorate the outside with stickers and what not and this is what I will take as the gift.
52 dates- I will list all the ones I have, but some are specific to our city, so you will need to substitute for what you have.
Any items you need for the dates-  Just some things included in the box- M&Ms, coloring books, crayons, money, massage oils, card games, life savers, a journal, 2 disposable cameras (had left over from my wedding :-) ) and a few other things.
Time- this takes a good amount of time to put together

The directions for each date were written on an index card, (if there was ways to expand the date that was listed on the back of the card) and placed in the sized envelope it needed for things to not get smashed.  On the outside of the envelope was the Date Title and then a little sticker that had details (kid friend or adults only, $ required, etc.)

In the card I will tell them that they can look at the outside of the envelopes but once they open it, they can't pick a new date till they do that one.  That was why I put if the date required items on their part so if they didn't want to spend money on that date, they could draw a date that didn't require it.  Plus if it requires special things (one requires a lightening storm).

I am hoping they have alot of fun....

I got alot of ideas from Dating Divas .  If you are needed some date ideas, they are an invaluable resource.

I can't post the dates here, because I don't want to spoil the surprises for them, but if you are interested, send me your email address and I can email you the list.

Mom and I are talking about putting kits together and selling them, but that will be a while down the road because some of the dates will have to be changed since they are St. Louis specific items.  Also if I am going to sell it I want it to my ideas, not ones I used from another site.

I really think they will enjoy it, or at least I hope so.  The first year of marriage can be rough, especially if you don't spend time together, so hopefully having 52 dates all ready for them, they won't have to waste time on "what do you want to do tonight" and can just enjoy the time they have together.

If they give me any updates, I will let you know what they say.