Thursday, March 29, 2012

Magazines I read

I have mentioned before how I put magazine clippings and articles in my journal, instead of keeping magazines.... Many people have asked which magazines I read regularly... so since I was journaling today, I thought I would post a quick post about them.

Missouri Life- I started this through a Groupon, I believe.  I wasn't sure about it when I got it, but glad I did.  I love it.  Last month there was a great artcile about Missouri Castles and the Top 10 Women who changed Missouri.  This month has an article about the War of 1812 and hiking trails of Missouri.  It also has a calender of events which is nice because it always lists festivals and such, which Chad and I love to go to (especially free ones= free date days!)

Life: beautiful- When talking about this, I tell people it's like a Christian version of Ladies Home Journal and other such magazines.  It has a lot of neat things.  This month there was an article about all the different names of God.  They also have bible studies in it, and commentary from Joyce Meyers and other religious speakers.  They also have tons of beautiful quotes that are almost always the first things I rip out to put in my journal.

All*You- this is a new magazines this year.  But it's great.  it is filled with budget friendly tips, tricks, recipes and tons of coupons.  Some of our recent favorite meals have come from here.    This month features an article about cleaning supplies and also how to save on car care, and how to banish clutter in 30 days.

Cooking Light- this is one I got through a fundraiser through my nephew's school, lots of yummy recipes and other cooking tips and tricks.

This Old House- another one through my nephew's fundraiser.  Lots of good DIY home repair and maintenance tricks.

Real Simple- This was a gift subscription from my sister (she might of gotten tired of me stealing hers!)  I always have liked this magazines... finding good tips and recipes.  Fell in love with the wedding book they release every year when planning my wedding... Lately haven't found so much but I still like it.

ShopSmart- This magazine, released by Consumer Report, is fantastic.  I think I rip out 2/3 of the magazine.  Great tips and full of product reviews.  This month there was an article about coffee.... found out the coffee my dad buys (and drinks never-ending) was rated lowest for value and taste... found 2 alternatives for him that will save him some money.  Lots of good tips for saving money.

reland: of the Welcomes-  My husband and I saw this magazine while at the book store.  He fell in love (he's irish).  I went ahead and subscribed... its a little more expensive then some of the others, but it will make his day every month when it comes in.  Full of alot of Irish history.  This months issue features stories about how Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated around the America, as well as an article about Irish proverbs and Legends of Ireland.  I haven't got to read it yet.  I told him to make sure he was done with it, before giving it to me.  Because it will be ripped apart and the articles I like put in my journal, just like the rest of the magazines.... we don't keep magazines lying around... we save what we like and recycle the rest.... SAY NO TO CLUTTER :-)

There might be a few others, but I already cut up this months issues and next months haven't arrived yet, so going by memory... though this will change, I am working on a list of the magazines and when the subscriptions are up, so I can make sure to budget for renewals.

I did just purchase a Living Social deal for Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food Magazines.  I debated this for awhile.  I am not a Martha fan.... don't get me wrong she has great tips and ideas... but her personally, I don't like, and I don't agree with the slap on the wrist she got for her indiscretions.... If it would of been someone like you and me... we would of gotten much worse.  But anyways, I am chalking it up to Magazine Addiction.  We will see if I like them when they start arriving.

Other magazines we get from the store when we see them:

Anything that talks about Organizing on the cover.... my favorite topic :-)

Better Homes and Garden does a special on organizing a few times a year... i love when I see this magazine at the store.  Wish they allowed subscriptions to this... I would jump on board immediately.

Better Homes and Garden also does recipe special editions that I can't stop buying.  Seriously.  We have Party Food, Diabetic Slow Cooker, Chicken Dinners, Eat Well Lose Weight, Skinny Slow Cooker, Creative Slow Cooker, Shortcut cooking(my newest one, can't wait to try some recipes out) and Soups  Again wish they would make a way to do subscriptions for these.  I know I have missed some.  I check everytime I am at a store.  90% of our monthly menus come from these books. And I just looked on the website and they are having a sale on these... so I might have some on the way, within the hour :-) The funny thing is... I don't like their normal magazines, just the Specials.

I am however, contemplating subscribing to their Do it Yourself magazine... I have picked up a few and found alot of things I liked in them.   Maybe.

My mother in law subscribes to Ladies Home Journal, better Homes and Gardens, and a few other magazines that she gives me when she is done.  I get some good articles and recipes out of them, but not enough to subscribe.

UPDATE:  I just subscribed to Eating Well.  I also just bought more Better Home and Gardens Recipe magazines including: Desserts, Comfort Food, One pan, and Casseroles.... Yum

So that is it, for now.  What magazines do you like?  Any that you think I should check out?

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I am taking a Blogging Break right now.... Yes, I know I didn't post alot over the holidays...but at the moment things are pretty busy.  I watch my 6 month old nephew 3 days a week and he doesn't nap as much anymore and is at a fun playing stage, so I don't get much done while with him.  The other 2 days I am taking classes in sign language.  I am also subbing about once or twice a month.

 On top of the that I am going on week 4 of a major cold.  It ended up turning into bronchitis then pneumonia.  While I am starting to feel better, still really tired.  Also, Chad and I really need for me to get a teaching job next school year so he can continue to work part time while in nursing school.  We want to be able to pay down some debt and either prepare to move out as soon as he graduates or move out sooner.  To be able to get a job, I am taking two state exams in April and I still have to finish my Teacher Work Sample.

Super busy!

I might still post recipes over on the Food Blog, but we shall see.  Not sure when I will return yet, but I hope you will keep checking.