Friday, August 31, 2012


I love these vinyls you stick on walls...  I saw one with this company that says all kiss me good morning... it would go wonderfully in our room across the room from our "Always Kiss me good night"  picture we got as a wedding present..

This blog I read, organizing home life, is doing a giveaway for them... follow this link to check it out....Organizing HomeLife

Monday, August 27, 2012

week 4

Guys: talk about girl stuff, sorry

Starting weight 165.4
Body Fat %  34.4(analyzer) 36 (scale)
BMI: 27.8

Well The week started off rough, took Monday and Tuesday off, think all the extra painting and activities last week got to me.  Plus I am always tired for a few days after Aunt Flo leaves.  Did great Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Even got two workouts in on Wednesday.

Saturday and Sunday were packed and I didn't get workouts or walks in.  Saturday I worked an estate sale in the morning, then Donovan's first birthday party, then Melinda (my soon to be sister in law) had her bachelorette party. Sunday I worked all day at the estate sale.

However I did lose 1.8 pounds this week.  And that's with a work lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse, d's party, and M's party at Drunken Fish Sushi.  So I am happy.

The first two days of week 5 I am trying a 2 day fast.  We got this supplement powder (mix with water) with our workout stuff we ordered from Beachbody, so I am giving it a try.  You substitute the drinks for your meals.  I am modifying it a bit, because I want to get my workouts in so I don't have to take the stuff with us when we go out of town over Labor Day.  I am adding 2 snacks to eat either before or after my workout and walk.

Looking forward to a good week and a great weekend away for my brother's wedding.  We are heading to a Bed and Breakfast in ironton saturday-Monday with the wedding on Sunday.  Should be lots of fun!

Ending Weight: 163.6 (down 1.8 pounds)
Body Fat% 35.2 (analyzer- up probably from eating out!) 3.4 (scale- down 35.4)
BMI: 27.7 (down .1)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 3

Start weight 165
Start BMI: 27.9
Start Body Fat %: 35.8

Weekly Goal: 163

Whew!  What a week.  First of all, I met all of my goals for the week! Didn't think I would since I actually had 2 rest days, but I made up for it today with 2 workouts.  One of my walks was at Powder Valley nature Center... we saw more deer :-)

Besides my walks and workouts I had alot more exercise.... I painted my parents steps leading up to their second floor, took 2 coats.  Also, Chad and I painted my parents shed.  We still have to go this week and do the second coat.  Also, spent some time moving furniture, cleaning, and setting up for an estate sale with work.  Hoping all that extra helps me lose!

Next week I will be painting my parents steps leading to the basement, we will finish the shed, and I will clean/organize/paint my parent's pantry.  Plus finish setting up for the estate sale and working the estate sale.

Also, lots to look forward to... Next Saturday is Donovan, my youngest nephew's birthday... he will be 1.... how the year has flown by.  He is walking now, but I haven't seen him since he started, so that will be fun.

Also the last week of the month Chad and I are hopefully heading to the time share to spend a few days, relaxing, exercising, and just spending time together.  He only get a week off before the next semester, so we are taking advantage of it. We will be there Monday-Thursday. There are trails there so we are taking our bikes and will bike and walk.... and they have a pool.

Two days after we get back from the time share... It's wedding time!! My brother is getting marries and it should be a great weekend.  We will be down in Ironton at a bed and breakfast for the whole weekend, and they are planning lots of activities.  Right now the plan is to workout saturday before we leave, then make Sunday and off day and then workout Monday when we get home... we will see if that works.  There are trails there so we will be sure to do lots of walking.

Chad and I are looking forward to the rest of this month and we need the stress break!  School and money issues can really wear you out!  Also, praying for some good news for both of us on the job front this month!

End Weight: 163
End BMI: 27.8
End Body fat %: 34.4%

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 2

 Disclaimer:  I talk about girly stuff, sorry.

Start Weight 166.6
Weekly Goal: 164
Month Goal: 160

Much better week!

Followed the plan Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday I didn't get my workouts in, but I still got all 6 workouts and all 5 walks in by the end of the week... I just didn't get my off days when I was supposed to.

Made a new recipe up... Pesto Egg about it on the food blog.  It was really good and just what I needed that day.

Best moment: on my 60 minute walk on Sunday I went almost 2.5 miles (I was at 2.489).  And I think I could of gone faster/farther with music.  Will start taking my Ipod with me next week.

Worst: tired tired tired.  I am dragging.  Probably because Aunt Flo is coming soon.

Anyways, I met my goals so I get to choose when/ if the tv is on next week and what we watch... Woo Hoo to a nice quiet week without the TV on all the time!!!

End Weight: 165 (lost 1.6 for the week, 4.2 total) didn't get to my goal weight but that's ok, retaining water because of Aunt Flo's impending visit.  I am still on track to get to my monthly goals- which are the weight loss goals that matter...

In other news, my BMI is now 27.9 (down 1.1) and my body fat % is 35.8 (down 1.7%) Umm... AWESOME!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Week 1

Start Weight 169.2
Monthly Goal: 160

This will be short....

Did not meet any of the goals.  Walked a few days, but that's in.  I was sick most of the week, it started the Wednesday before and got worse..Included a doctors visit on Tuesday which included a shot in my hip.  Still not sure what's wrong, finally started feeling a little better by the end of the week.

I did however eat pretty well.

End Weight: 166.6 (Lost 2.6 pounds!)