Friday, July 29, 2011


I have taken a short Hiatus on blogging to take care of somethings... mainly get my hubby though his last semester of pre-reqs and get him settled in his new job and new school... and job hunting for me. But I have been taking pictures and writing entries, just haven't posted them yet... stayed tuned....

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Escher's Relativity at work

So this isn't a picture I took today, but no where did I say I would take a picture every day to go with my blog, in fact I never said there would be pictures at all, so deal. This picture is actually from my trip to Florida with Chad and his parents, last summer. But it fits with today's ramble...

Do you ever feel like you are on a never ending staircase that just goes nowhere? That's how I feel right now, feel like I am stuck on this loop. Continuously moving, up or down not quite sure, but I am going somewhere. There is a plan, there is a destination, just not sure how to get there. And I feel like its taking too long. Feel like every time I (we) take a step forward, we take two steps back. Sigh. Stick to the plan... that's what I tell my husband all the time. Maybe I just need someone to tell me that sometimes too. Or even better... can someone just install that elevator already.

I promise more of my blog posts will be about actually stuff, but just not diggin' it right now.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

In my next life, I wanna be a cat

Seriously, these cats have it made. Prince (seen here), spends all day in one bed or another. He stays in my bed, till I get up. Then spends the majority of the rest of the day here, on top of my file cabinet. I work, he sleeps. I cook, he sleeps. I clean, he sleeps. He has it so easy, even while sporting this beautiful cone.

Today I had one of those days where I just wish I could stay in bed all day. Nothing went right and I just felt blah all day long. Can't really point to one thing or another that made the day bad, and nothing really bad happened. Actually a lot of good things happened, I got to sleep in, my meals were already made so i didn't have to do any cooking, no bills, my first set of wedding prints came in, me and the moms went to Walmart to get some much needed items, my uncle came over and did another round of muding so the walls are ready to paint, and my dad put a vent in so we have some air flowing in our main room. So nothing bad, it was just bad for some reason. Just felt blah which made everything just blah. Days like these, really make me wish there was such a thing as an "easy" button or a do-over. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy Birthday, to my husband

Today was my husband's birthday. I started another tradition. I woke him up at 12:01, when I went to bed and told him Happy Birthday. I can't wait till we have children and I can do this to them as well. Other than that, the day was a pretty normal day for us. He went to work, we had dinner when he came home (his mom made these yummy pork steaks and there were sweet potatoes and veggies). He had been hinting for the last few days he wanted cake, but of course we played it off like we weren't going to get him a cake. Then, after dinner I brought out a very yummy ice cream cake. Then we did dishes, packed lunches for the next day, and Chad and I went to the basement (where we live) to watch a movie. He got to pick (the only time I usually let him pick-his birthday) what we watched, and we watched Julie & Julia. Very cute movie, was the reason i started a blog so long ago (a blog which has since been deleted and I now have a different one). I am not sure this will be one of his most memorable birthdays, but these are the days I love. The casual days, the cuddle on the couch days. The days when we just get to be together.

Of course, like most days like these, the topic of kids comes up usually. And today, well I think it was one of the first times that I had to be the sensible one and say it wasn't a good time yet. Usually, that is his job. But I think the fact that it was his birthday, made him think about his biological clock and how he doesn't want to be old and gray before his children graduate high school. I can't wait for kids. He will make an excellent father. I can't wait to have a screaming baby wake me in the middle of the night, or to spend the whole day cleaning up messes, or all the thousand and one other things that change when you have a baby. But, then again, I can. I want to be able to provide a stable environment for my children, and we just don't have that yet.

So for now the traditions will have to start with just my husband and I.

Monday, July 04, 2011


Today is July 4th, a wonderful holiday celebrating the tradition of our independence. An independence that was won by the hard work and death of so many. It greatly deserves to become a tradition celebrated across the country every year. On this particular 4th of July, I am working on a tradition we have started for our family- a recipe book.

It was actually a tradition started for us by a friend of my mothers. As a wedding present, Jo gave us a recipe binder. It has everything we needed in it to put all of our favorite recipes in- the recipe cards and protectors, a binder with the dividers needed to separate the recipes, some bigger recipe pages for those more complicated recipes, and the favorite recipe's of Jo and other friend's of my mom.

I think this would have to be one of my favorite wedding presents. Not because it was expensive or elaborate, but because it is something that will probably always be with my family from now on. Because it is a tradition. Now, at some point down the road the actual physical appearance of it my change- it might fall apart, or become too full so we will have to get a bigger one, or it might be come electronic due to the changing of technology, but the idea of the "recipe book" will always be there.

For those of you who don't know me or my family very well, then you might not know how big a part of our life cooking really is. See, my husband loves to cook. He is really great at it too. If we led a different life, he could defiantly make a career out of it. He could be one of those timeless, well-know cooks- such as Julia Child. He is just that good. And he is so creative. He does things with food that are just amazing. Yes, most of the time I think what he cooks is just too elaborate for our life style, but that doesn't mean in another life and time it wouldn't be perfect. As for me, I like to cook to, and I think I am fairly adequate at it, but I would rather have a simple nourishing meal, where he would like to have some big exquisite affair. To me cooking is a necessary part of the day, where to him cooking is an art.

Cooking is a big part for another reason as well- it is with our food where we first really did something for ourselves and our marriage and our future. See my husband is also overweight. But in the 6 months we have been married, he has already lost almost 50 pounds... just from us changing our diet. I love my husband whether he is overweight or not, but being overweight comes with many health risks and more than anything I want him to be around for our future, for our kids, grand kids, etc. So we changed our diet. Although i wouldn't really call it a diet, more like a lifestyle change. We definitely don't starve ourselves. We eat three meals a day, with 2 snacks in between. It's what we eat that has changed. Healthier foods, healthier portions. We also don't eat out very much, which is why cooking has become such a big part of our life. We cook 95% of our meals, usually from scratch too.

So here I sit on a beautiful Monday evening while my husband is off doing who knows what, and my two wonderful cats are sleeping around me (one is on the file cabinet, and the other on my desk) working on a tradition that is bound to be a part of our lives for a very long time. Most of the recipes in this book right now are from others... but just two days ago my husband and I were cooking up something for a party and he turns to me and says "we need to write this recipe down." I wonder if years down the road when my husband and kids are in the kitchen and cooking and my child looks at the recipe in the book, sees the author was their mom and dad, I wonder if they will ask where it came from. Will we remember that July 2nd so many years in the past when we spent the whole day cleaning the house and cooking food for the week, or will it blend it with all the other normal, everyday moments that led to the forming of this tradition.

When my children get married, will they ask for a recipe book of their own? Or will they ask for a copy of ours, like my husband asked his grandma when we got married. What other traditions will we set for our family? These are the thoughts that float through my head as I sit here writing up recipes for our recipe book and I am just amazed that this wonderful tradition came from a simple, inexpensive wedding present. Another question that enters my mind- are these things Jo thought about as she picked out this wedding gift? Does she have her own recipe book tradition? Or was she just simply trying to give us something that we didn't already have?