Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Part 2

So as mentioned before, I am unemployed and our funds our tight.  But, we still wanted to enjoy our day.  Due to some excellent timing, we were able to add more to our date than originally planned. 
We started the day at California Pizza Kitchen... ignore the bad picture, remember both sick!  We had one of our dates at a Tapas restaurant years ago and since then we love making our own tapas meals....

We got four appetizers and shared them... wonderful lunch.  During lunch Chad received an envelope.

Inside  was this...
We were about to go on a bookstore date!  I got the idea from here.  Really fun.  There were 2 other envelopes that had the plans.  Here are some pictures from our bookstore date, if you want to know why those pictures... check out the link above!

And yes I know the pictures are bad.... my medicine had worn off by this point...

For Part 2 we each had 30 minutes, and $10 dollars to run through the mall and buy each other a present.....
 I got Chad a cookie.....
 And a small container of olive oil from an olive oil store he loves.
And in true Irish fashion, Chad got me some clover earrings and some green nail polish to wear during March!  Now, I only need to learn how to paint my own nails.

For dinner, we went to our favorite deli, Molldeli's and got some pizza and sides for take out.  Since we were out all day and sick, we decided to spend the evening at home.  We watched Breaking Dawn and enjoyed time together.  It was a great Valentine's.

Valentine's Day Part 1!

Wow, it's been awhile. Seems holidays, illnesses, school, and well life have gotten in the way.  Hopefully things calm down now and I can start updating more regularly.  I have a lot to post.

First up, Valentine's Day!  Well some background for our day... we were both sick.  Chad was starting to feel better, I was doing horribly... in fact the next night I spent in the emergency room.  But that's a different story.

Sunday night I left this on our coffee table for him to find Monday morning.  It was sitting on top of the cup below.  At that time, only one slip was in the cup.  The rest were scattered around- on the toothpaste, in his lunchbox, wallet, on the cat food box....  They say such things as "I love you because..."  "You are an amazing..."  Etc...

Because of my unemployment and our tight money situation, we had said we would make gifts, not buy them....  Couldn't spend anything on them.  This was one of mine.  The cup was from a box full of valentines decorations my mom gave us at one of our wedding showers, the XO rocks I got from Target dollar bins a few weeks ago when I put all the Valentine's decorations up.  The rest I printed on the computer.  Monday night when he got home from work (really early Tuesday morning, since he doesn't get home till after midnight) we exchanged gifts. 
 This was one of the ones he made for me.  It says different thing as you spin it around.  Most of it he printed, but the little tab in the middle, holding it together is apparently from work, something medical, i think a vial cap or something.
 This was his other gift to me.  A year work of coupons for different things...  I have already used a foot massage one (and yes, he spelled it message, he didn't notice till after he printed them and didn't want to re-do them).  I have wanted to use others, but we both feel too miserable right now..

This was my second gift to him.  I will post a how-to for this one later.  It's a deck of cards that I put different things that I love about him on each card.

This was Chad's "illegal" gift to me.  I say illegal, because he spent money on it and we weren't supposed to!  I love it though.  Very beautiful and unique ring.  And it's orange...

This was my "illegal" gift to him... bathtub crayons.  We have been using them to write jokes, play games, and other silly things on our shower walls.

So that's the gifts... stay tuned for the fun, fairly inexpensive date!