Saturday, September 03, 2011


So I am addicted to this site... It's great and I love the idea. Since so much more is online then in print these days (which is sad, but that's another story) it is nice to be able to have a place to "pin" stuff you find on the internet, without have thousands of bookmarks. I was always one that would go through magazines and rip things out that I liked, or wanted to try... this site allows me to do that with things I find on the web. Love it. Found a lot of great recipes... I think we are trying 5 of them this week. Also, Chad continually asks me if I like things for our house (we have decided that once he is done with school, we will buy a starter house and then in about 5 years build our own on a nice bit of land) and so now I created a board on pinterest with things I like for our house-- he is thrilled because he didn't feel like I was excited about it before. Anyways, it's a great site. Check it out... But I am warning you, it's addicting. Not only do I go through all the new pins of people I am following, but I also log out and go through the random boards the site posts. Love it!