Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New year

Happy New Year everyone. 

Hope 2012 brought you many accomplishments to be proud of! 

My accomplishment that I am most proud of in 2012 has been my push to get in shape and become healthier.  I am proud to say that I have lost 20.4 pounds since July 1!

 I am looking forward to 2013 for many reasons, but top of the list is because I plan to lose my last 25.6 pounds.

I won't be back blogging till the 15th, as I am heading out of town right after New Years for a mini relaxing vacation.  But I have some great stuff planned for 2013 and I hope you will all join me!

Friday, December 07, 2012


I have decided to take the month of December off from blogging.  I might occasionally come on and post an update on my healthy living journey or maybe some craft/organization projects.  But with how I am feeling and how busy I am with the new job, and not to mention the holidays, I need a break from planning post.  Although I had December and January already planned out, I just don't have the time to write the posts.  Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and I will try and get on a few times this month... If not I will see you back here January 1!

Monday, December 03, 2012

This weeks posts

This week's posted, at least for sure Monday's normal update post, will be postponed a bit.  Not only did I start my new job today, but I have been feeling pretty crappy for the last week.  I am hoping to get them all done and at least scheduled to post tomorrow, but we shall see.  I am super tired and feel like crap so much that I am having to force myself to eat.  I do see the doctor Friday so hopefully some answers come soon.  Please bear with me!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

This month's reading

Haha... if I had money to buy books... this would be a daily conversation in our house.  Even without buying any new books recently, I have books everywhere!

This month's readings:
Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
Good Night by Michael Breus
Food Matters by Mark Bittman
Coffee is good for you
Tai Chi health for life by Bruce Frantz
Will also be continuing the Everworld series.  Not sure what else I will get to... I start back to work on Monday.

What are you reading this month?