Monday, February 25, 2013

March News

Due to some current craziness in my life... including working 40-50 hours every week, I have decided to take a slight break for a bit.  What this means is that I won't be posting much at all the next few weeks.  I will still do the follow segments:

My Metamorphosis Monday- but only when I have the time.  Since I put my current weight in, I can't really do this post ahead of time, so i will try and get at least one a month in, but it probably won't be every week.  However, Chad and I are starting a program on March 1st together, so hopefully I will start seeing some better numbers soon.

Wednesday Words- I can do these ahead of time, so these will continue

Friday Fitness- Again I can do these ahead of time, so these will continue.

I am not sure how long this lite blogging will last... Hoping I can use the time I was spending on the blog to get some projects done.  Those projects will be featured in future posts when I return, and I won't have them hanging on my to do list so it should free up some time.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little behind

I know I am a little behind in posts, had a crazy work month.  Will be back up and running shortly.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Friday-Exercise Myths

Good Stuff!  Remember you can always find out where I get my Fitness Friday infographics and pictures from, by checking my pinterest board.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's ideas

Here are the activities I did with my nanny kids for valentines..... (the page is not in English... so I posted the picture to help) (lots of coloring pages for V-day!)

I also got some Foam hearts from the dollar store... the kids love doing foam crafts.  I bought some foam stickers to add to our sticker box.  I also got some flat stickers.

I can't remember if I got them from Target dollar bins or from Dollar Tree, but I found the valentine's banners that you can color... I got one for each boy to do.

To see more Valentine's ideas, check out my pinterest board!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Words

I have to remind myself of this, especially right now that I am gaining again.  I am changing my life... it it an ongoing process.

And like any other relationship... it takes constant upkeep!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Letter B activities

I finished the letter B with my nanny kids on Friday.  Had some good ideas.  Besides worksheets we visited the Bakery, made foam bookmarks, had some fun with bubbles (the day I planned the bubbles, it snowed so we didn't get to go outside, we did some on the screened in porch and then I brought them back on a warmer day!).  We also made a bee that looked like the letter B. 

Towards the end of the lessons, I brought a bunch of balloons and that was a lot of fun.  Even my cat enjoyed that activity!  When Chad and I were blowing them up the night before I planned to take them, we were just throwing them on the floor after we blew them up... Prince thought it was Christmas... wish I had gotten a photo!

The end of the unit prize was these foam balls that the kids loved.

Here are the worksheets we did.... (B is for Boat) (B is for Bee) (color the butterfly) (dot pages) (lots from here)

Monday, February 11, 2013

MMM- week 28

SW: 156
BF: 32.8
M: 33

Having a very frustrating month.  This week I saw some high numbers that I have not seen since I started this journey.  At one point this week I was at 159!!  I think we found out why thought.  I am taking this new medicine for my IBS.  Well it makes me go, think "I took a colonoscopy prep drink" go.  So I think it is causing me to retain water and my body is not letting go of anything else during the day except when I go, because of what the medicine is doing to me.  I plan to give it one more week and then call my doctor.  besides the weight gain, I don't like the massive cramps it gives me for 6 hours after I take it.

Other than that, not much to report.  I did really good meeting my burn goals this week.  Did ok with my food... I stayed under calories, but it wasn't the healthiest options.

Worked out for the first time in a long time on Sunday.  It felt ok.  I am glad I worked out, but I had gotten a deep tissue massage earlier in the day and so I was already sore from that, the workout made it worse. 


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wednesday Words

In honor of Valentine's Day here are some love quotes for you.  

Monday, February 04, 2013

MMM- week 27

SW: 156.4
BF: 32.6

Well another not so good week.  Not much activity and bad food choices.  Especially over the weekend- i think Chad and I were both having a bad day- we ended up getting Chinese and little ceasers this weekend... then sunday evening was a super bowl party at my sisters.

Changing some things up this month... not going to plan workouts on days I work.  I think that is why I wasn't doing well... On days I worked I would be too tired and so i wouldn't... then feel quilty and just think the whole week was screwed.  So instead of workouts I am just going to try and be more active during the day and maybe take a walk around the block when I come home.

Then do my workouts on the days I am off.  This may slow my progress some, but hoping it will help me get over a mental hurdle I am dealing with to make more progress in the long run.   Going to see how I am doing at the end of the month- and if I need to make some adjustments next months I will.  Thinking I will need to adjust my calorie intake some to compensate, but we shall see.


Friday, February 01, 2013