Sunday, July 29, 2012


  Disclaimer:  I talk about girly stuff, sorry.

Starting July 30th, we (Chad and I) are starting a 90 day fitness challenge with our Beachbody coach.  The challenge will last for 90 days.  Here are some of the guidelines of the challenge:

1. Weigh yourself before and every Monday.
2. Take measurements and before photos and on days 30,60, and 90.
3.  Write out some goals- weekly, monthly- and whole program
4. Write down a workout plan.

I won't put Chad's info here, because he hasn't given me permission. (Haven't even asked him- this is for me, not him :-) )

My start weight is 169.2
I have my measurements, only going to post two here, because they are the only two I am really worried about. Starting BMI: 29, Starting Body Fat % 37.5%.  I am hoping to gain some muscle and drop the waist size down and am hoping the girls shrink a bit, but I think those will come if I can get the weight, BMI, and body fat % down.

Here is a before photo...

This is from my baptism June 17, 2012.  Probably the most recent picture I have of myself.  Really shows the lack of arm muscles and the girls sticking out... I have to wear larger shirts for the girls, so it hides the stomach luckily.

Here is one of Chad and I.  A little older, its from Disney May 2011.  We had actually both lost some weight before going on this trip, all of which we have since gain back.  And I realized we are slouched over, but even when we stand you can see the rolls. :-(

I have created quite a few goals for the 90 days....
- Do Power 90 6 days a week (This is a beachbody program we purchased right after we got married that we had yet to use... It is a step down program from the infamous P90X
- Walk 5 days a week.  I don't think many people know this, but it is a life goal of mine to run a marathon.  I thought I would have to give up on this goal when I had the plantar fascitis issues pop up.  However after losing my job and the problem more or less disappearing after I was not on my feet all day long and after talking it over with my foot doctor, regular doctor and my chiropractor, it was decided I could it would just take a little extra effort.  With that in mine the plan I created/decided on was too first walk a 5k, then walk a 10k, run a 5k, run a 10k, run a half marathon, and then run a marathon.  I have found some good training plans for all 6 mini goals by Hal Higdon and it is what I am following... so by the end of this current 90 days challenge I will have walked my 5k and just be starting on the training for the 10k... I am hoping to start running by March of next year.
- Track all foods eaten and as much nutrition info as I can find.  I am using an Iphone App- Mynetdiary to help me with this.
- Drink half of my body weight in water ounces each day.  I choose this number because it is what the fitness journal (fitbook) I am using suggests.
- Log in my fitbook every day- workouts, food, etc.
- Plan the week ahead fitness wise every Sunday (my week starts on Monday).

I am following the Power 90 workout plan and the Hal Higdon 5k walking plan(modified to extend it from 8-12 weeks).  For Power 90 it is basically MWF are circuit workouts and THSu are cardio/abs workouts.  Saturday is my off day for Power 90. For walking- MWF I do a walk for a certain amount of minutes (Starts at 15 mins and moves up to 30 by the end of the 12 weeks).  Saturday is a certain amount of miles (starts at 1.5 and moves up to 3 miles).  Sunday is a 60 min walk with a 5kw on the last Sunday.  Tand H are my off days for walking.

So there you go.  I will update each week with my progress in case you are interested.  Also, hoping this will get me back to blogging on the food blog with some healthier recipes than we might of had in the past.